Hare and Hounds

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To trap the hare so that it has no further moves. Hare wins if it makes it to the leftmost position of the board or after 10 turns of stalling.


You play as the hounds (the dogs!). Each turn, you can choose one hound to move either forward or vertically. To move, click on the piece you want to move, and possible moves will be highlighted. Click the desired new position to move. To choose a different piece to move, click any hound.
The hare will be controlled by the computer, and will have perfect gameplay. It will make its move right after yours.

Tutor mode:

You can toggle the tutor mode button at any point. Once toggled, potential moves will be color coded as red, yellow, or green. Red move indicate that the game will be lost; yellow can indicate a loss or a win; green indicates that given perfect gameplay, the game will be won.